Lluís Domènech i Montaner

The figure of Domènech i Montaner is that of a humanist with a multifaceted artistic personality and a superlative social and country consciousness, reminiscent of Renaissance men. This year, as we commemorate the centenary of his death, we remember not only the well-known side of the architect who built the Palace, but also his musical affiliation with the great masters who also served as a guide to Lluís Millet, founder of the Orfeó: Bac , Beethoven and Wagner.


The Palau de la Música Catalana is more than a modernist building, it is a temple of music and a choir that has been beating for more than a hundred years in the cultural and social life of the city and the country. A monument capable of integrating other monuments in the form of historical facts, ideas and music. Three conferences in the Rehearsal Room of the Orfeó Català, where the first stone of the building is located, link the work of Domènech i Montaner with the intellectual and musical scaffolding of other geniuses .

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Domènech y Montaner was no stranger to the impact of Wagner 's music in Barcelona; an energy that marked the cultural life of an entire city. For the architect, Wagner's work became a strong influence thanks to the early works of the composer ( Lohengrin, Tannhäuser ...), although later the admiration was diluted with the later works.

His links with Richard Strauss are also notable. Domènech y Montaner was strongly influenced by the bombing of Reims Cathedral during World War I and Strauss was inspired by the bombings of World War II to compose Metamorphoses . And both worked on the idea of metamorphosis in their works ; thus, the architecture of the Palace is, also, a monument erected on ancient arts on which modern techniques were introduced.

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