Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star

Concert for childrens (English & Català)

Primary education: 1st, 2nd

Date : December 13, 15 and 16, 2022
Sessions : 10:00 h and 11:45 h
Space : Petit Palau
Price : 8 €
Capacity : 175 seats


Mireia Vila, violin, voice and small percussion
Nerea de Miguel, violoncello, voice, ukelele , small percussion and toy piano
Dick Them, vibraphone, bass and voice
Jeremy Friedman, vibraphone, drums, glockenspiel, voice and another percussion
Germán de la Riva, melodic, toy piano, small percussion and voice
Marc Timón, arrangements
CobosMika Company, stage and choreographic direction

The adventure:
An opportunity to discover and discover songs, games and sayings of English tradition and at the same time enjoy the traditional Catalan repertoire from a modern and eclectic musical vision. A concert-show of acoustic format that is very close to the performers so that the children enjoy their first concert in an atmosphere of silence and active listening.

The goal:

  • Awaken the child's ear and become aware of the sound and silence that surrounds him.
  • Discover children's repertoire of English tradition and enjoy new versions of the traditional Catalan repertoire.
  • Recognize traditional Catalan or English melodies and songs from new instrumental and vocal versions.
  • Learn to enjoy a conscious and contemplative listening experience without having to move.
  • Discover the infinity of sounds and effects that can be made with the voice, the body and the instruments.
  • Learn about new musical instruments and their timbre features.